Open House Tuesday, May 28th @ 7:00 PM - Free BBQ, bowling and live music!


Our History

135 Years Young

Officially the club started in 1884, on the grounds of the Presbyterian Church, Grand River Street North. Prior to this a green was located on Andrew Baird’s front yard and at some point beside the skating rink on Elm Street.

In 1893 the club relocated to its present location to make way for the building of the Paris Presbyterian Church. The land it now stands on was rented. Also in 1893 the Paris Lawn, Tennis

& Bowling Club was formed.

On September 19th, 1927 the Paris Lawn Bowling Club was incorporated under the Ministry of Consumer & Commercial Relations. The incorporation number was 000028060.

In 1928, Reginald Turnball purchased the land and consolidated the deeds. He then gave the lands to the club in the form of a gift. At this time, he also built a clubhouse at his expense as

well as all other amenities for the club.

In 1928 a meeting was held at the Community Hall chaired by Matthew Deans, Vice-Chair of the club. The purpose of the meeting was to determine it a ladies section should be created in the club. Thirty women signed up to become members on that date. The ladies section continued

into the 1980’s.

In 1948 the old clubhouse was sold and a new one built which is the current structure. The club was prosperous until the early 1980’s. Due to poor membership numbers the club was

forced to conduct several major fundraising projects to keep operating. 

On November 4, 1986 the club sold the property to the Town of Paris for $1.00. The town agreed to maintain the

property as per the agreement. The agreement and grounds were transferred from the Town of

Paris to the County of Brant.

The club membership dipped down to 13 members in 2015 and was going to be closed down unless membership numbers went up next year. An infamous house party occurred in Paris in 2016 and a challenge for a call to action was declared by David Powell. 

The club saw an increase in membership to 70 paying members. The membership fees only covered what is paid to the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association which is not sustainable. 

An increase of fees to $65 was introduced in 2017 and the membership went down to 50 members which is where it remained through 2018. The fees for 2019 are $75 for the year with $36 of that going to the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association.

The club is struggling financially and will cease to exist in the near future without new members. It’s a magical summer evening down by the Grand River with the train bridge and

waterfalls as the backdrop. 

Presently the County of Brant has hired consultants to help determine the future and location of the club. It would be a shame for the community to lose

this communal space. Lawn bowling has a stigma of only being for retired folks. It’s a fantastic game and venue for all ages. 

Help us save the club. Come on out and give it a try!


About Us

Paris Lawn Bowling Club

Outdoor fun for everyone!  Lawn bowling is easy to learn and fun for everybody !

Where and When ?

Beginning May 28th, we bowl Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 PM till 9:30 PM, weather permitting.

Learn and Play

If you've never lawn bowled before, no problem!  just arrive any Tuesday or Thursday evening and one of our members will be happy to give you a quick lesson and start you playing in 10 minutes!


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Paris Lawn Bowling Club

169 Grand River Street North, Paris, Ontario




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